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What is TANKAY?  

Tankay is a different type of commercial company, a social business with the goal of promoting among the ecuadorian peasants the development and commercialization of products in high demand in the international markets.

The difference between Tankay and the usual company doing business in the agricultural services field is that our main goal is not the maximization of profits but the maximization of the social impact of our technical and commercial activities.

Most of the time the activity and resources of the ONGs have been invested in helping with the production process of a particular product without paying enough attention to its marketing possibilities. Tankay has a different approach: our primary focus is to develop, produce and market highly demanded products, encouraging the ecuadorian peasant to produce them within standards of quality required by the international consumer.

We want to work with small and medium peasants in Ecuador in order to help them produce high quality fruits and products with strong demand in foreign markets in order to help them getting a fair income which will result in the improvement of their conditions of living.

Any profit that will result from the technical and commercial activities of Tankay will be used as social investment both, in the local areas in which originally has been generated, and in the developing projects needed in different areas of Ecuador.